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Tstix® - A revolutionary patented product reshaping the $38 billion global tea and coffee industries. 

Tstix® is a ground-breaking tea stirring device designed to revolutionize the tea-making experience. Featuring over 1000 micro-perforation holes, this innovative product offers a unique way to stir and infuse tea, ensuring a perfect brew every time. Geoff Stuart's journey with Tstix® began with a simple idea and evolved into a complex process of design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Creating Tstix® presented numerous challenges, from the initial concept to its final production. Geoff had to overcome technical hurdles related to manufacturing, material selection, and precision engineering. Securing patents, establishing production processes, and introducing the product to the market required significant effort and determination.

Today, Tstix® stands as a testament to Geoff's dedication to innovation. This revolutionary tea stirring device is being manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, using cutting-edge technology developed in Germany and the Czech Republic. It has gained recognition among tea enthusiasts and is praised for its ability to enhance the tea-drinking experience.

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